Whoosier Network Halloween Party 2018 is cancelled

Regrettably we now have to announce the cancellation of the Halloween Party.

Unfortunately it now seems that our long association with LifeJourney Church as our meeting host has come to an end. We thank them for the many years in which they provided us a first-class place to meet, and wish them well.

We would like to hold a party of some kind during the Halloween or Christmas season, but it may prove to be very difficult. Most of the potential meeting/party locations suggested by our members and friends over the year have not worked out for us. None of our members or regular attendees have access to other churches or apartment clubhouses. We can not afford to rent space at a hotel or meeting facility. Restaurant private rooms would not work for our parties (we bring food) or our meetings due to duration. *No* Indianapolis city libraries are open on Friday night, or late enough on any night.

We hope to have some kind of substitute event announced later in the month.